Five books no-one is talking about (but should be)

You’re reading a book; you fall in love with said book, and then discover that nobody you know has read it, or even heard of it. It’s possibly the most infuriating sequence of events that  a reader can be forced to endure, and, thanks to my habit of exclusively reading unconventional, contemporary novels, it’s something I always find myself dealing with. 

So, here is a manifestation of that struggle: five books that deserve to be read, and deserve to be talked about.

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Highs & Lows (A Short Story)

Two teenagers sit on a log; their legs hang over the wood, swinging occasionally. The trees surrounding them are few and rotting, no different from the bark they sit on. Carl lifts his head to the sky, neck bent, eyes trained on the dark above. Beside him, Ant looks to his hands, humming incoherently, his dirty-blond hair tucked behind one ear.

‘Do you ever wonder if they’re up there?’ Carl asks, still looking up.

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