Will it Fic? Love Island

That’s right, the summer-long ITV2 show of love, drama, and everything in between. This year’s series has finished, and I may have a smidgen of post-Love Island bereavement, so it’s time to find out what the wonderful writers of the internet have to provide.

Fan-fiction about a reality TV show sounds completely implausible, right?

As a general rule, I don’t really support writing fanfic about real people, especially over fictional characters, so if there is some about specific Love Island contestants I will be 1) amazed, and 2) moving swiftly on.

Considering it’s a contestant-reliant entertainment show, I’m assuming the majority of fanfic, if there is any, will be Love Island AUs – which normally, I’d ignore. But in this case, I’m quite excited to see what kind of characters and scenarios get thrown into the Island template. Place your fandom bets now, I’m thinking Supernatural is a sure winner.

So, Will Love Island Fic?

I dove right in, straight into the unpredictable shores of the Tumblr search bar. ‘Love Island fic’ and ‘Love Island fanfic’ both came up entirely blank and, I gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed. Not even one? Come on fandom, where are you?

Searching for ‘Love Island AU’ was unfortunately just as bleak. I forgot that Love Island Australia was a thing, so that, obviously, is what the majority of posts are about (minus a singular person asking for a Zayn/Liam, One Direction x Love Island crossover).

Heading onto Fanfiction.net was, quite frankly, a cursed experience. When checking the list of TV shows, I was surprised to see that, not only is there a Love Island sub-section, but there are three pieces listed within it. However, when I clicked onto it, only two of them showed up. God know what’s happened to that mystery third.

The two that actually existed were… not what I anticipated. The first was 7000 words of french fan-fiction that, thanks to google translate, I can safely say has nothing to do with Love Island; in fact, it’s something to do with NCIS. The plot seems to involve Gwendoline, an imagined niece of a character from a french crime/drama, journalling her adventures in the NCIS universe.

Honestly, I got so lost into a rabbit hole of french wikipedia articles, that I don’t really know what it’s about –  but the main point is it is not Love Island fan-fiction and I have no idea why it presented itself to me, but it seems very extravagant. Moving on.

The second accursed item listed under Love Island was, again, nothing to do with the show. The piece titled, ‘The Story of True Love’,  was posted in 2005, listed as a mystery/romance, and has no bio other than the author explaining it was written after breaking up with their boyfriend – which says a lot. I mean, it reads like an Eastenders episode on 4x speed, which, to be fair, has all the drama and unstable romantic discourse as your average Love Island episode. I do appreciate that.

My search so far had been dismal. It seemed no-one was interested in the island, even on an AU level. But, my last hope, archiveofourown.org, truly saved me.

Nothing is off-limits for those who post on Ao3 and good God, did they deliver. I went straight in with the specific search for pieces only about the TV show itself, and Ao3 dashed 3 spectacularly different works right back at me.

The first was a Tom Holland/Reader (where the main character is addressed as ‘you’) piece of fan-fiction, and it was actually only posted last week; the author must be another one of us feeling the post-Love Island blues. It’s written well, and Tom Holland probably would be the dream partner for anyone who landed themselves on the show – but he’s real, and that’s weird, so we’ll move on.

When I saw the next one, I can honestly say I felt nothing but elation. Some fine human being has taken it upon themselves to write fan-fiction about Love Island The Game. Yes, this wondrous piece of work titled, ‘The Straightest Show on Earth’, is about the budding romance between the game’s character, Talia, and an original female character.

If you didn’t know, ITV2 released a choice-based mobile game, in which “””you””” can go onto the island and take your pick from the provided selection of singles – one of which being Talia. The fact that fanfic about this exists, is just incredible to me. I really do love the internet. And honestly, there’s not much I can say about this find, that the author hasn’t already summed up in their own tags: “hi i actually wrote fic for love island so i hate myself, but listen, IT’S GAY”.

Then we come to the shortest, but arguably most ambitious of the lot. Yes, I humoured the idea of fic featuring real contestants from the show, but I didn’t think we’d actually find one.

The piece in question focuses on contestants from series 2 (genuinely), and refers to Nathan Massey as an omega in a house of alphas. I’ll let you un-pack that.

It appears to have been abandoned after the 112 word prologue, and I’m somewhat relieved by that; the world definitely wasn’t, and never will be, ready for whatever plans this author had for us.

I did have a look for general Love Island AUs, but they were few and far between. In fact, the purest, and most true to the TV show’s set-up, was an Emmerdale fanfic. Which is almost deserving of its own Will it Fic in itself. Come on, Emmerdale? Really? I had to leave the site and call it a day.

It was an oddly vacant start, but I suppose we got there in the end. My faith in the strangeness of the fan-fiction community is still intact – if not a little shaken.

Will Love Island Fic? Kind of.

It is a show about real people and real relationships, so I don’t blame writers for steering well clear (even the alpha/omega maverick had second thoughts). But, in terms of Alternate Universe potential, there’s definitely a gap in the market. I mean, really? None of you have thought to shove the Avengers onto an island for 6 weeks? Not one Dean/Castiel shipper has written about the final-week baby challenge? I’m genuinely amazed (and a little disappointed).

Even though it’s far from Love Island, the featured story has to be PoisonedEssence’s tale of love and loss. I hope writing it was as therapeutic for the the author’s break-up, as it was enjoyable – or I’m going to feel really bad for linking it to you. Anyway, here you go.


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