Will it Fic? The Conjuring

Okay, so I may be biting the Halloween bullet a little too early here, but I got thinking about horror-based fan-fiction and now I can’t stop.

There isn’t much I can do to introduce this (we’re teetering on cursed-enough soil as it is), so let’s just go right for it and find out: Will The Conjuring Fic?

In terms of expectations, I’m at a loss. The Conjuring franchise (including all those Annabelle and Nun escapades) is vast enough to warrant a fandom; it’s even got ample enough characters and plot-lines to invite a fan-writer’s attention. But, and it’s a big one, it is horror we’re talking about.

The idea of someone sitting through 2 hours of demons and murder, just to think: hmm, would love a friends-to-lovers fanfic of this, is almost too concerning to be funny – and the idea of someone possibly writing about the demons themselves, seems nightmare worthy.

If fan-fictions about the Conjuring films do exist, do we even want to find them?

The people of Tumblr, for once, seemed to have the same idea. The ‘Conjuring fic’ tag was refreshingly empty, and no demon-thirsty fans had revealed themselves yet.

That’s not to say the fandom doesn’t exist, though, because it does. I found fan-art, photosets, and even role-play blogs, dedicated entirely to the fictionalised Ed and Lorraine Warren. Which I don’t entirely blame because, wow, that man really does love his wife. As far as romance in the face of actual Hellish danger goes, they’re the reigning champs.

However, it was in this sub-group of the fandom that I found my first fic – a reader-insert piece where you, the reader, are the Warren’s eldest daughter, and you’ve discovered your abilities to communicate with the dead after a brief possession by the famous Annabelle. Really heart-warming stuff, I know.

The plot is interesting and it’s well written, but it feels more like a Young Adult adaptation of the original material than anything else. I wanted something juicier, and I wasn’t long disappointed.

A few posts later, I found a mini-fic (or Imagine if you’re familiar) that was simply titled: ‘Imagine having a threesome with Ed and Lorraine Warren’.  No messing about there then.

The brief piece begins with the statement, ‘Ed was charming and Lorraine was beautiful. How could you not want to be with them?’ and, well, Lorraine’s frequent night-terrors (in which genuine demons visit her to convey messages from the dead) aren’t exactly bed-warming behaviours.

Apparently, if you search long enough, Tumblr will reveal some ghoulish treats, but having seen all I could stomach, I thought it best to move on.

Fanfiction.net had me spoilt for choice – I know, I can’t believe it either. Of all the things I’ve searched in my quest for niche fan-fiction, The Conjuring has turned out to be one of the most varied and surprising, though I am disappointed in the lack of demon-Nun content. 

There were plenty of ghost stories, some involving Annabelle, some involving new, original, demon-like characters, and even a journal of short stories written in the guise of Lorraine herself. Like with Tumblr, there was a fair share of Ed/Lorraine romance fics, though I could see nothing that stretched much past canon. C’mon, where are the coffee shop AUs for our loved-up ghost hunters?

All in all, it was a very creative and impressive bunch of stuff – nowhere near as weird or as creepy as I thought it would be.

Which, as always, brings us to the mad-shite that is archiveofourown.org. It never disappoints, and it certainly didn’t this time. Right off the bat, Ao3 provided me with quite possibly the greatest work I’ve ever found in my fic-hunting time: 90,000 words of demon-bantering beauty.

The masterpiece, titled ‘Decent to hell beckons’, features 37 wild chapters, an unbelievably impressive scope of demons, characters, and everything in between and it’s not even just a Conjuring fan-fiction – it’s a Conjuring/Exorcist cross-over.

That’s right, the story lets us see Valak (the demon nun I was desperate for) and The Exorcist’s Pazuzu in the same fictional world and, though I haven’t read that far, I can only hope they come head to head in a demon on demon stand-off. Or, Hell, even fall in love. Nothing is off limits now.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, all 90k of it was seemingly written in two months. Two months. At this point, you could tell me that the fic was actually the lost lore of another dimension and I’d believe you. It’s truly something else.

Though it’s nearly impossible to top something like that, Ao3 certainly tried. Listed just below that fic is not one, not two, but four (yes four!) One Direction/The Conjuring cross-overs. All of which focus on the imagined love of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

Now that truly is cursed content.

So, Will The Conjuring Fic? Abso-creepin-lutely.

I can honestly say that I never saw any of this coming, but people really do watch these horrors and crave romance afterwards. The world of Conjuring fan-fiction is fruitful and varied, and yet another one that Directioners have latched themselves onto.

My tentativeness, in fear of finding some strange demon-kink content, has been proved void. It seems that if the source material is gruesome enough to start with, the fics will be anything but (minus a few spooky gems, of course).

The featured story this time just has to be ‘Decent to hell beckons’. It’s nothing short of a modern Epic, and I really do encourage you to at least sample its wonders (especially considering it has only 92 views at the minute, and good God it deserves more). Read it here.


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